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Drug Status Key

  • Preferred
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • Specialist Initiation
  • Hospital Only
  • Not Approved for Formulary

Skin cleansers, antiseptics and desloughing agents

Drug safety update

 December 2014: Chlorhexidine: reminder of potential for hypersensitivity

 December 2014: Chlorhexidine solutions: reminder of the risk of chemical burns in premature infants

December 2014: Hydrogen peroxide: reminder of risk of gas embolism when used in surgery

Potassium permanganate solution 1 in 10 000 is a mild antiseptic with astringent properties and can be used for exudating eczematous areas. It can stain skin and nails, especially with prolonged use.

Secondary Care Notes

Potassium permanganate soaks must be prescribed by a Doctor, but will not be authorised by Pharmacy until a TVN assessment has confirmed it is an appropriate treatment – the exception to this will be if it is prescribed directly by the Vascular team.  Please ensure that a referral has been completed on SUNRISE and photographs have been sent to the Tissue viability inbox to ensure there are no delays in starting treatment or offering an alternate plan if it is required.

Potassium permanganate soaks can only be used whilst an inpatient – they will not be authorised or dispensed if added to an EDN.

NPSA Alerts

April 2022: Inadvertent oral administration of potassium permanganate

1 dissolved tablet in 4 litres of water provides a 0.01% (1 in 10000 solution)

Pack Price
30 tablet £28.62
Pack Price
25 gram £8.07
40 gram £11.62
Pack Price
200 ml
Pack Price
200 ml £1.35
Pack Price
100 ml
2000 ml
500 ml
Pack Price
1 ml
100 ml
50 ml

Iodine 2% solution is used in colposcopy for staining cervical tissue.

Pack Price
1 ml
20 ml

Lugols iodine contains potassium iodide 10% and iodine 5% it is taken orally before a thyroidectomy it helps to prepare the thyroid gland for removal.

Pack Price
1 ml