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Drug Status Key

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  • Second Line
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  • Specialist Initiation
  • Hospital Only
  • Not Approved for Formulary

Peak Flow meters and spacer devices

Peak flow meters are for choice by GP or respiratory nurse. The standard range is suitable for most patients. The low range is for those with severely restricted airflow

Aerochamber plus - this is a medium volume device and can be used with all pressurised inhalers

Volumatic - this is a large volume device for use with Clenil Modulite, Flixotide, Seretide, Serevent and Ventolin inhalers

Inhaled corticosteroids particularly high dosage should be used with a spacer to reduce the incidence of oral thrush and to optimise drug delivery. Patients should not be switched between devices without monitoring as different devices may produce different clinical effects.

Spacer devices remove the need to co-ordinate actuation of the inhaler with inhalation which is advantage in children and those with poor inhaler technique. The device should be washed regularly in mild detergent and allowed to air dry then wipe the mouthpiece clean of detergent before use.

Pack Price
1 device £5.13
Pack Price
1 device £8.55
Pack Price
1 device £3.88