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Drug Safety Update

 Drugs and driving: blood concentration limits to be set for certain controlled drugs in a new legal offence, July 2014. See also the drugs and driving: the law government webpage for more details

October 2021: Chloral hydrate, cloral betaine (Welldorm): restriction of paediatric indication

NICE Guidance (see also drug-specific links below)

  TA77 Guidance on the use of zaleplon, zolpidem and zopiclone for the short-term management of insomnia, April 2004

K&M PRCG Policy Recommendation: PR 2021-10: Melatonin for sleep disorders in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, Aug 2021

Melatonin MR tablets are included in the formulary for "off label" use in the treatment of sleep disorders in children with conditions such as visual impairment, cerebal palsy, ADHD and learning difficulties. These tablets may be crushed and mixed with water, milk, yoghurt or fruit juice for administration; this gives an immediate release profile.

There is currently a review underway to consider update to the formulary listing and guidance for melatonin products given the availability of new licensed products.

MTW only: For the purposes of single dose prescriptions of melatonin for sleep EEG in children, melatonin tablets (Adaflex) may be dispensed.

NPPG Position Statement

  December 2021: Off label use of Chloral Hydrate in the Management of Intrusive Movement and Motor Disorders in Children and Young People

Pack Price
28 tablet £1.50
Pack Price
28 tablet £1.44
30 tablet
Pack Price
28 tablet £23.42
500 tablet
7 tablet
Pack Price
250 tablet
28 tablet (2 x 14 tablets) £31.88
Pack Price
120 tablet
21 tablet
30 tablet £5.32

This formulation is unlicensed and is not for routine use - it may be prescribed in exceptional circumstances only e.g. if the 2mg MR tablets are unavailable following consultation with relevant medicines management leads. 

Pack Price
1 ml
200 ml

Used in paediatrics. The suppositories are only given when the oral route cannot be used

Pack Price
1 suppository
12 suppository