MTW NHS Trust West Kent CCG

Drug Status Key

  • Preferred
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • Specialist Initiation
  • Hospital Only
  • Not Approved for Formulary

Pneumocystis pneumonia

These are the antimicrobials used within MTW NHS Trust and West Kent CCG, please refer to the appropriate Antimicrobial guidelines for guidance on the choice of antimicrobial for different indications.

Co-trimoxazole is the drug of choice for Pneumocystis jirovecii (Pneumocystis carinii) pneumonia (PCP).

Pentamidine isetionate given by intravenous infusion is an alternative for patients who cannot tolerate co-trimoxazole, or who have not responded to it. Pentamidine isetionate is a potentially toxic drug that can cause severe hypotension during or immediately after infusion.

Prophylaxis against PCP should be given to all patients with a history of infection.