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These are the antimicrobials used within MTW NHS Trust and West Kent CCG, please refer to the appropriate Antimicrobial guidelines for guidance on the choice of antimicrobial for different indications.

NICE guidance

 NG33: Tuberculosis, updated May 2016

Rifampicin is a key component of any antituberculosis regimen. It may also be used for serious staphylococcal infections, e.g. endocarditis and also as first line in the prophylaxis for meningitis contacts. Rifampicin is an enzyme inducer and has numerous drug interactions including the contraceptive pill (see BNF and SPC).

Tuberculosis: the standard recommended regimen is:

Initial phase: Concurrent use of 4 drugs: isoniazid, rifampicin, pyrazinamide, ethambutol for 2 months. Use fixed dose combination tablets as first choice.
Continuation phase: Isonaizid, rifampicin for a further 4 months. Combination preparations are the preferred option. Longer treatment is necessary for meningitis, spinal cord involvement and for resistant organisms which may also require modification of the regimen.

Combination products are the first choice to treat tuberculosis as these reduce pill burden and aid patient compliance. 

Pyridoxine should be given with isoniazid for the prophylaxis of isoniazid-induced neuropathy.

Rifampicin is used to treat a number of different infections including tuberculosis. Please always follow the appropriate antimicrobial prescribing guidance (Trust or CCG) this is an antibiotic used for specific infections.

Rifampicin is used first line in the prevention of secondary cases of meningococcal meningitis.

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100 capsule £77.55
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For use in resistant tuberculosis

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