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Premature labour

Drug Safety Update

 November 2013: Short-acting β2 agonists: restricted use for tocolysis in premature labour

NICE Guidance

NG25: Preterm labour and birth, updated June 2022

Local Guidance

See here for local guidelines

Nifedipine (unlicensed indication) has been shown to be effective in suppressing pre-term labour with minimal maternal and foetal side effects. It is the first line tocolytic agent.

Salbutamol and terbutaline should only be used parenterally to suppress premature labour for up to 48 hours, between the 22nd and the 37th weeks of pregnancy and under specialist supervision with continuous monitoring of the mother and the unborn baby. For more information see drug safety update above.

Pack Price
84 capsule (12 x 7 capsules)
Pack Price
84 capsule (12 x 7 capsules)