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Chelates and complexes


All prescribing of sucralfate and reviewing responsibilities across Kent and Medway will rest on the hospital gastroenterologists for the entire duration of the clinical treatment period. No primary care prescribing.

Prescribe licensed sucralfate 1g/5ml oral suspension sugar free for duodenal and gastric ulcer, and chronic gastritis (licensed indication), following treatment failure with standard treatment options and persistent symptoms. Usual treatment period is 4 to 6 weeks, and up to 12 weeks in resistant cases.

Do not prescribe sucralfate tablets or unlicensed sucralfate liquid preparations - unlicensed and not recommended for prescribing.

Please ensure correct product selection on secondary care clinical systems.

Administration of sucralfate suspension and enteral feeds by nasogastric tube should be separated by one hour in patients receiving the suspension for the prophylaxis of stress ulceration.

Sucralfate may reduce the bioavailability of certain drugs check for interactions and give sucralfate at least two hours before or after these drugs.

Pack Price
1 ml
250 ml
560 ml

Sucralfate enemas are used to treat inflammation of the rectum, most commonly this is for radiation proctitis - bowel inflammation following radiotherapy.

Pack Price
1 enema £16.20