MTW NHS Trust West Kent CCG

Drug Status Key

  • Preferred
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • Specialist Initiation
  • Hospital Only
  • Not Approved for Formulary

Persistent epithelial defects

Insulin eye drops are approved for the 3rd line treatment of persistent epithelial defects in refractory patients who have failed to respond to standard care or following documented intolerance to 1st or 2nd line therapies.

For use on the request of a Consultant Ophthalmologist only.

Contains Humulin S in Systane Lubricant Eye drops Long Lasting and contains preservative.

5ml drops can be ordered from Royal Liverpool Hospital pharmacy aseptic unit. Orders are needed by Thursday 12pm the week before needed as made to order.

Shelf-life: 18 days from manufacture, 7 days after opening.

Usual dose: 1 drop into the affected eye(s) 4 times a day.