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  • Hospital Only
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Growth hormone disorders

NICE Guidance (see drug specific guidance via NICE link below)

See under drug drop-down boxes below for prescribing notes.

Brands include Saizen, Norditropin, Omnitrope, Nutropinaq, Zomacton, Gentropin and Humatrope. One example product is listed below but any of the above brands may be prescribed. Prescribing must be by brand name.

Injections are usually via a pen device or autoinjector. These are prescribed by a specialist and supplied via Homecare. 

Pack Price
1 pre-filled disposable injection £115.90
  • To be prescribed by paediatric endocrine consultants only in accordance with NICE TA863 and patients monitored by the hospital.
  • In MTW, patients are reviewed at 3 weeks then every 6 months for height velocity.
  • MTW usually manage the majority of patients who require growth deficiency treatment and guidelines are usually the same or similar to the tertiary provider, Evelina.
  • Somatrogon will be reserved for children with learning difficulties and compliance issues.
  • Medicines will be delivery to the patient’s home via Healthnet.
  • Community nurses are available to support with administration.
Pack Price
1 pre-filled disposable injection £166.08
Pack Price
1 pre-filled disposable injection £415.20