MTW NHS Trust West Kent CCG

Drug Status Key

  • Preferred
  • Second Line
  • Third Line
  • Specialist Initiation
  • Hospital Only
  • Not Approved for Formulary

Diabetes mellitus and hypoglycaemia

NICE Guidance

 NG17 Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management, updated July 2016

 NG28 Type 2 diabetes in adults: management, updated May 2017

 NG19 Diabetic foot problems: prevention and management, updated January 2016

 NG3 Diabetes in pregnancy: management from preconception to the postnatal period, updated August 2015

 CG130 Hyperglycaemia in acute coronary syndromes: management, October 2011

Local Guidance

See here for local Kent & Medway prescribing guidance