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Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG)


Immunoglobulin Information

NHSE commissions the use of Immunoglobulin products to ensure use is evidence based and treatment is available for urgent clinical use. 

Treatment must follow National guidelines with approved commissioning criteria.

NHSE have set up regional panels of experts to review use of Immunoglobulin locally and to review requests in conditions where there is a lack of published evidence (grey indications).

The Kent and Medway Sub-Regional Immunoglobulin Assessment Panel (KMSRIAP) is hosted by MTW.

***Vaccine Induced Thrombosis and Thromobocytopenia VITT patients*** (Last Updated 07/05/2021)

Guidance has been issued by the British Society of Haematology regarding vaccine induced thrombosis and thromobocytopenia (VITT). 

Any patient where VITT is suspected, please follow SOP:

D78 v3 Prescribing and supply of Immunoglobulin for suspected Vaccine Induced Thrombosis and Thromobocytopenia VITT patients

The IVIG Authorisation form for suspected VITT patients, which can be found in the appendix of the SOP page 10, must be sent to:

Any queries please contact Helen Burn (ext 27104) or Ola Okuwa (ext 25034).

Prescribing for new patients

An immunoglobulin request form must be completed for all new Immunoglobulin prescriptions. When completing the form, check the diagnosis on the new NHSE diagnosis list. If the diagnosis is not on the list, then refer to the old diagnosis list. ​Further information regarding indications found on the old diagnosis list can be found in the Clinical Guidelines for Immunoglobulin Use Second Edition Update 2011.

"No panel required" (new guidelines) and Red/Blue indications (old guidelines) can be dispensed by pharmacy after the immunoglobulin request form has been completed and sent to the HCD team for processing. 

Email the request form to (MTW Requests Only):

Panel prior approval (new guidelines) or Grey (old grey) indications need ‘Panel Approval’ before treatment can be dispensed by Pharmacy. In addition to the form above, complete a separate panel form electronically with as much clinical detail as possible. All yellow boxes on the form must be completed, incomplete forms will be returned as the panel will not have the correct information to make a decision. The panel reviews the request virtually within 24 hours of receipt (Monday-Friday).

Out of hours, contact the on call Pharmacist for advice via switchboard.

Email the panel form to your local pharmacy for processing.  Once reviewed, your pharmacy will send to the KMSRIAP: 

For MTW:

Both forms must include patient height and weight and doses must be calculated using the Ontario dose calculator.

Prescribing for patients previously approved for Immunoglobulin use

Contact the pharmacy team to confirm that the approval for immunoglobulin use is still valid.

Patients transferring from another Trust or receiving Immunoglobulin (Ig) treatment locally under the recommendation of a specialist centre/Trust

  • Repatriation or transfer to MTW if the patient will be under full care of MTW: the pharmacy procurement team must be informed to ensure the Ig allocation for that patient is transferred from the initiating Trust to MTW.
  • Repatriation or transfer to MTW if the patient will receive Ig treatment at MTW but will be followed up at the referring Trust: the pharmacy procurement team must be informed to ensure the Ig allocation for that patient is transferred from the initiating Trust to MTW and in addition, the pharmacy High Cost Drug team should amend the patient’s MDSAS record to indicate that MTW is a treating site only.
  • Patients starting treatment at MTW for an Ig panel required indication, where the patient is under the care of an external Trust or where treatment has been recommended by an external Trust (e.g. recommendation from King's but treated at MTW): the Ig panel treatment request must be made through the referring Trust’s panel.  Speak to the Ig/HCD team for advice.

Outcome data

Pharmacy must be sent details of follow up/ outcome for all patients.